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Dawn O’Neill, Independent Trainer and Consultant.
I am an independent trainer and consultant with over twenty years social care experience. My specialism is in delivering supervision, assessment and motivational interviewing training to the social care workforce in relation to children, young people and vulnerable adults.

I am able to develop bespoke training to meet organisational need. My areas of knowledge are in supporting workforce development in relation to safeguarding children and young people and adults through a range of training programmes. O’Neill Training Solutions Ltd (O.T.S Ltd) Company Number 7896208 Hull, East Yorkshire Tel: 07515637737

Our Courses

Course content can also be tailored to meet specific organisational requirements following consultation where specific focus has been identified e.g. through Ofsted recommendations.

Behind Closed Doors: supporting children who live with violence

The course explores issues of domestic violence and the impact it has on children when they witness or live with violence.

Working with challenging Families

Understanding types of resistance and developing strategies for effective engagement. The course considers how to respond to hostility, aggression and conflict during work with children, young people and their families.

Awareness of mental health issues and considerations for working with children and young people

This course aims to offer an opportunity for participants to develop an awareness of mental health issues in children and young people.

Working with Neglect and Neglectful Parenting

The aim of this course is to give participants an understanding of what constitutes neglectful parenting and consider professional responses that take into consideration developmental needs of children.

Understanding Self Harm (Working with Children and Young People)

This course will explore issues of self-harm in children and young people and consider ways of supporting the individual and managing self-harm behaviours.

Reflective Supervision for supervisors in social care

​Enhancing Outcomes for Children and Young People. This programme aims to offer managers and supervisors an opportunity to support and maintain the fulfilment of supervision within the context of organisational requirements.

Motivational interviewing Practice in Children and Adult Services (Accredited)

This course aims to introduce participants to theories of motivational interviewing to enable children and young people to engage in change.

Attachment Separation and Loss

This course considers a range of issues relating to attachment separation and loss issues experienced by children, young people and their families.

Child Development 0-19 years (A practical application)

This course considers a range theories relating to child development and the relevance of these to assessing the needs of children and young people.

Understanding assessment and analysis

This course aims to develop practitioner’s knowledge and understanding of assessment and analysis and the importance of multi-agency working.

Understanding and using Morrison’s 4x4x4 supervision model in post crisis support for staff in social care

​Incidents at work can be costly to both individuals and organisations. Staff who experience physical or psychological threats or witness distressing events are more likely to experience mental ill health if effective support is not provided.

Parenting Assessment and parenting motivation to change

Awareness of Trauma Informed Practice in Social Care

Good practice in supporting contact

Child Observation skills for social care staff

Emotional Abuse and long term impact

Play and development for social care staff

Managing Conflict in social care settings

An Awareness of Life Story Work for Social workers

Leaving care and care leavers (Pathways assessments and plans)

Managing Adolescence

Managing Complex Cases

Compassion Fatigue, Moral Injury and Supporting Resilience

Foster Care Training - OTS LTD

We offer a range of condensed courses for foster carers which can be delivered evenings or weekends

Separation and loss

Child development 12-19 years

Understanding and managing Childrens behaviours and needs

Communicating with children

Awareness of Trauma in children and young people

Developing Reflective Practice and managing Self Care


Thank you Dawn for yet another inspiring and thought provoking session.

As you were talking us through the various aspects of the session this morning, I found myself reflecting on my staff team and their individual behaviours/responses in different scenarios, particularly since the start of lock down to present day and also some reflection on my own practice. I can see how different changes have impacted on different individuals at different times, so this has helped me to understand the impact of trauma on a much deeper level and how this impacts on how we view the world, how we behave and how we respond and hopefully how I can respond in a supportive manner.
I believe the 4 X 4 X 4 model by Tony Morrison will assist me during case supervision with staff to support them to identify what has worked well in their direct work with families? Exploring how they communicate and challenge? What skills do they use? What skills would they like to develop further? Instilling greater confidence and empowering them to identify, acknowledge and feel proud of their knowledge base & skill and also to understand the importance of identifying areas for improvement as a strength in further enhancing good practice.

I would say I have a mix in my team of those with very good resilience and those who are a little more fragile due to previous traumas and who require a lot more support. Having said this, I also find myself reflecting and thinking how do I know this? Some staff are perhaps a little more comfortable displaying how they feel than others, so maybe I need to find a way to explore what is happening under the surface for everyone!
Deborah Stoneham
Team Leader Family Matters Wirral Council
Dawn is exceptionally gifted. She is clear in her delivery. She is warm and she builds rapport with us throughout. Her materials are accessible. She has provided us lots of resources for references. This mean that we can continue to develop our learning. Dawn is inspiring as she has continued to encouarage us to work with the best interests of children. There are some key focuses, such as children development, acronym with SPICE and CARE, and a revision of attachment theory, behaviour theory, types of responding .... about the framework of assessment. It's a great deal of information, which I will continue exploring. Dawn has increased my awareness of understanding of children's development, especially of those who have been through significant trauma. It's a very thoughtful, and well-planned session. I'm hugely impressed and I cannot recommend Dawn enough.
J.W. Hants
Hants 2021
I would like to thank you for your support during the training course that provided for Dudley children services on producing SMART plans. I would like to comment on how you got to know the individual people on training and identified the additional needs for our professional development by providing and suggesting resources and references and application to professional practice.

The course you delivered was extremely useful in ensuring child focused plan which involves the family but in formed by child development theory and appropriate language for the children and their parents can understand. I was very much impressed by your generosity by providing the additional resources for other areas of our development such tools for direct work with children and their parents.

Thank you very much.

I hope that Dudley picks you to deliver training again as I have gained a lot from you.
Bhupinder Singh
Social Worker, Dudley

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About Us

I am an independent trainer and consultant with over twenty years social care experience. My specialism is in delivering supervision, assessment and motivational interviewing training to the social care workforce in relation to children, young people and vulnerable adults.

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